Women's Health and Wellness Panels

The basic Women's wellness panel will rule out the most common causes of fatigue, menopausal symptoms, and hormonal depression. Women's total health addresses some of the root causes of loss of libido, anxiety, bone loss, and depression. The Advanced panel also looks at some less common causes of fatigue, hormone imblance, sleep disturbance and loss of libido.

Dr. Z will personally review all your tests and go over them with you in person or over the phone. The Dr. may then advise you as to lifestyle changes and over the counter treatments which will effect a positive change. If needed he may refer you to an appropriate practitioner for your needs. Dr. Z maintains a network with the most highly qualified and caring practitioners in the area, his goal is to optimize your health now!

Women's Basic Panel $249

  1. Complete Blood Count
  2. Chem 16
  3. VAP
  4. Estradiol
  5. FSH
  6. LH
  7. DHEA-S
  8. Progesterone
  9. High Sensitivity TSH


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Women's Total Health $649

To the Basic Women's panel add:

10. Fasting Insulin

11. Leptin

12. T3, T4, Thyroid Index

13. Iron and TIBC

14. SHBG

14+15. AM Cortisol and hs-CRP

16. HbA1C

17.Vitamin D

18. Free and total Testosterone

Advanced Panel $999

Add to Total Health:

19. Pregnenolone

20. CoQ10

21. IGF-1