Diabetes and Prediabetes panel

Take Control Of Your Health

Medical lab testing is one of the most effective methods for detecting and preventing disease – and now it's more affordable and convenient than ever. The Metabolic Syndrome/Prediabetes Panel detects early type two diabetes years or decades before onset of symtomatic diabetes. Early detection with dietary and lifestyle interventions can prevent the onset of type two diabetes long before you need to take insulin.

The Prediabetes/Metabolic Syndrome Panel includes: A VAP test to evaluate your risk of heart disease in the most advanced method available, a fasting insulin to evaluate insulin resistance, a HgA1C to evaluate blood sugar control, a complete blood count, and a 16 item chemistry profile. Dr. Z will evaluate your results, discuss them with you, and recommend any necessary interventions. If indicated, Dr. Z can refer you to an appropriate practitioner.

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