Male Comprehensive Health and Hormonal evaluation

Male Wellness and Hormonal Evaluation

Medical lab testing is one of the most effective methods for detecting and preventing disease – and now it's more affordable and convenient than ever. The Comprehensive Panel for Males will identify many common hormonal imbalances, causes of fatigue, abdominal obesity and low energy. The Total Male Panel is a detailed evaluation of male hormonal imbalances responsible for progressive obesity, loss of muscle mass, fatigue, ED, and even depressed mood. Both panels screen for prostate issues and give you a baseline. Dr. Z will review all panels, meet with you to go over your results and what they mean to you and may provide lifestyle and dietary recommendations as needed. If indicated, Dr. Z will refer you to an appropriate practitioner experienced in dealing with your particular issue.


Male comprehensive and total health panels.

Male Comprehensive Evaluation:

CBC, 16 Item Chemistry Panel, Lipid Panel, Total Testosterone, PSA, DHEA-S, TSH, and Urinalysis. $229

Male Executive Evaluation:

Add to the Male Comprehensive Evaluation, Blood Pressure, Free Testosterone, Sex Hormone Binding Globulin, T4, T3, hs CRP, Fe and TIBC, and the most advanced cardiac risk profile available, the VAP test to include Lpa,  APO B1, direct LDL with proportional particle size and number. $799

Vertical Automated Profile

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