Blood tests, CRP blood test, cancer screening, diabetes testing, obesity testing

Diagnostic and Wellness Panels

Alcohol Effects Panel                                        Women's Cancer Screen

Allergy Panels                                                 Male Cancer Screen                                                 

Arthritis Panel                                                 Obesity Panel (Why can't I lose weight?)

Cardiac Risk (New VAP Test)                             Telomere Length Anti-Aging

Celiac Panel (Gluten/Wheat Allergy)                   Female comprehensive Panels

Diabetes Panel/Metabolic Syndrome                   Vaccine Titers (Am I immune?)

Lupus Panel (Autoimmune Disease)                    Omega 3/6 Ratio (Optimize Fish Oil Intake)

Micronutrient Testing                                         Heavy Metal Analysis (Have I been Exposed?)

Male Comprehensive/Libido/ED Panels                Biophysical 250 The Ultimate Baseline


Wellness, focused panels, comprehensive metabolic panels

AnyLabTestNow in West Columbia offers a number of laboratory panels designed to detect common diseases and health issues. If a problem is detected, Dr. Z will discuss your test results with you and may refer you to an appropriate practitioner at no additional cost.