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   National health care costs have steadily escalated over the last several decades. Recent estimates show the total cost of healthcare in the U.S. to be in the region of $2.2 trillion with the United States spending more on healthcare per capita, than any other country in the world. Amortized across the population as a whole, we spend approximately $6,000 per person per year on healthcare. This number includes the amount we spend as individuals, the amount our employers pay on our behalf and the amount our government spends. If you were to look solely at the costs incurred by employers on behalf of their employees, you would see this number jump to more than $9,300 per year, per person.

Corporate Health and Wellness Programs from ANY LAB TEST NOW®
Corporate health and wellness programs have been shown to dramatically increase employee morale, improve employee health, reduce workers compensation claims, reduce absenteeism, and increase productivity.  Perhaps more importantly, these types of programs have also been shown to reduce the cost of providing healthcare to employees.  In partnership with BrioBody, ANY LAB TEST NOW® works with employers to implement health and wellness programs that help individuals achieve their health and fitness goals. We do this by offering employees access to motivational online communities and world class health and fitness services at the lowest possible cost to the employer. 

Who Does ANY LAB TEST NOW® Work With?
Our experience has shown us that the positive benefits of implementing this type of program are not just restricted to just employers. While we do work primarily with corporations, there are a number of other entities that can also benefit from working with ANY LAB TEST NOW®. For example:

  • Employers with more than 50 employees
  • Third Party Administrators (TPAs)
  • Academic Institutions
  • Fitness Centers
  • Sports Teams
  • Physicians

Features and Benefits of the ANY LAB TEST NOW® Health and Wellness Programs

We have seen a number of benefits for both individuals and entities that choose to adopt this type of program:

For Individuals

  • Ability to track workouts
  • Provides guidance on which exercise programs to use
  • Tracks fitness levels  and daily activities
  • Tracks their nutritional intake and habits
  • Provides them a wealth of wellness articles and videos
  • Gives them access to a motivational community to help them achieve their fitness goals by communicating with friends and other fitness minded people
  • Offers personal health risk assessments

For Employers

  • Helps corporations reduce their healthcare costs by offering employees the most cost-effective and engaging wellness program available.
  • Includes a customized online wellness community with reportable health risk assessments
  • Tracks daily progress towards goals
  • Tracks nutrition levels, fitness levels and medical test results
  • Offers an online employee retention survey program
  • Program can offer employers up to a six fold return on each dollar invested in their health promotion program. This is achieved through increased productivity, decreased absenteeism and decreased visits to the doctor's office.
  • Results tracking and achievement may result in companies receiving favorable discounts on their health insurance costs. 

Academic Institutions

  • The benefits to the academic institution are largely the same as the benefits to corporations with an increased emphasis on attaining defined educational outcomes.
  • Creates healthier academic institutions
  • Educates faculty and students on how to live healthier lives.

Fitness Centers

  • Our health and wellness portal offers fitness centers access to a private wellness community for their members.
  • Through this portal, fitness centers can track member's progress towards attaining their goals which in turn leads to higher member retention.
  • Personal trainers can also manage their clients' exercise programs and schedules thereby providing a higher level of customer service to the member.

Sports Teams

  • We offer a private community for sports teams
  • Through the customized portal, both team and individual stats can be tracked.
  • Manage team workouts.
  • Post weekly exercise and competition schedules.
  • Share recruiting videos with scouts and recruiters.

Physicians and Patients

  • We offer a secure location for doctors to share medical documents with patients.
  • Patients can utilize the online portal to receive test results as well as share blood and urine analysis results with their doctors.
  • Patients can also track test results over time and view how their results compare with the national averages of a number of different types of tests

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