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Comprehensive Female Panel

Test Components:
The Comprehensive Female Panel includes the following tests:
1) Complete Blood Count (CBC)
2) Chemistry Panel (16 essential tests)
3) Cholesterol Panel with Lipids Ratio
4) Estradiol Test
5) Urinalysis
6) Thyroid Stimulating Hormone (TSH)
7) Follicle‐Stimulating Hormone and Luteinizing Hormone
9) Progesterone Test

The female body is highly complex with numerous hormones that perform vital functions including regulating the menstrual cycle, protecting the heart and bones, and helping a placenta develop in the womb. The Comprehensive Female Panel will find out if your hormones are functioning properly. It gives you everything that’s in the Basic Check‐Up panel, plus a lot more including the Estradiol, LH, Progesterone, FSH, and DHEA‐S Tests.
In addition, this panel includes the following tests:
CBC (Complete Blood Count) – tests for blood disorders that include signs of leukemia, anemia, blood clotting as well as your ability to fight infections.
Chemistry Panel – evaluates blood sugar levels, liver and kidney function, renal function and electrolyte levels.
Cholesterol Test – evaluates total cholesterol, LDL and HDL levels as well as triglyceride levels to assess risk of coronary heart disease and stroke.
Estradiol Test – checks levels of this primary estrogen that is essential for reproduction.
FSH and LH – Checks levels of these two hormones that stimulate ovarian follicles and ovulation.
Urinalysis – tests your urine for substances that can indicate metabolic problems or kidney disorders.
DHEA‐S and Progesterone Tests – further defines your female hormonal status.

Why Do I Need It?:

How well are your hormones functioning? Take control of your health today and get a clearer picture of your overall health with a Comprehensive Female Panel from ANY LAB TEST NOW®.

What Type of Physician Should You See?

Dr.Z will be happy to refer you to an appropriate physician if needed as a courtesy,

Next Steps:
1. Buy test at the store.
2. Fill out necessary paperwork and how you want to receive the test results.
3. Get results.
4. Review results.
5. If your results are ‘abnormal’ or ‘out‐of‐range’ from the normal, Dr. Z will review your results with you as a courtesy. If needed, the Doctor will refer you to an appropriate practitioner. 

Price : $249.00