Whos ready for a little heli ski? Feb 19-22 2014

Anti-inflammatory Tart Cherry for Gout!

Posted by Peter Zvejnieks on Thu, Sep 11, 2014

Tart Cherry Anti-inflammatory Berry of Choice!

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Voulez vous faire du heliski?

Posted by Peter Zvejnieks on Thu, Oct 31, 2013
Lets ski
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My Gallbladder's Gone! What Now?

Posted by Peter Zvejnieks on Thu, Jun 27, 2013

I've had a cholecystectomy and my doctor left with out saying good bye!

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Is my spouse a louse?

Posted by Peter Zvejnieks on Tue, Jun 11, 2013
Spouses can be Louses. Prove it and take control
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Is Your spouse a Louse?

Posted by Peter Zvejnieks on Tue, Jun 11, 2013
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US Healthcare, Who's Going to Run the Show?

Posted by Peter Zvejnieks on Tue, Jun 11, 2013
America is the greatest example of the success of capitalism the world has seen so far. Between the exponential growth of technology, innovation, and financial strength, The US has been the goto country for the entire world for 100 years. My own parents pulled up roots in Latvia during World War II and made their way to America in the 1950s. They became US citizens via the lawful route. They worked hard and arguably lived the American Dream of financial success and security. Like any dream, this dream has its own warts but for the past four generations, the United States of America has been the world leader in innovation, industry, manufacturing, health care, and service. Not since the British Empire or before that the Roman Empire has there been any society which has provided such a high standard of living for its citizens. And compared to those previous empires, America is more egalitarian, rich, and powerful by several fold. Well, how did we get here? At home and in school, I a tail end baby boomer, was taught that America was all about freedom, justice, and the individual pursuit of happiness. The American way was to pull yourself up by your boot straps. Government was there to enforce the law, build roads and schools, provide for the common defense, and collect taxes and administrate these functions. Under that system, America developed automobiles, modern manufacturing, nearly all the significant innovation over the past 100 years worldwide. We can claim most scientific innovation partly because America is where scientists went because they wanted to or because their own countries had fallen under communism, fascism, or other political perturbations. As such the US can claim Einstein, Bohr, Ford, Eli Whitney, The computer industry, Salk, Feinman, Gates, Jobs, to name just a few. In fact, the US has produced more Nobel laureates in the past hundred years than all other countries combined. But, none of these innovations came from government per say. Perhaps you may argue, as some recently have that no success was possible without roads, schools, and protection by military and police provided by a benevolent government. And this may carry some weight. But more and more it seems innovation, business, and success are achieved not because of government but in spite of excessive government red tape, taxation, and regulation. Let's give just one example because I am sure you can think of many more yourself. The US postal service has provided a backdrop for the success of this nation for a century. With it comes legends of the pony express, reliable mail delivery in rain, snow or sleet, and trustworthiness. But despite that storied history, the present day situation is much different. Postal rates continue to climb, the postal service has been running in the red for decades, postal workers are overpaid and it's impossible to fire poor performers. Today the USPS will lose $25 million dollars. It lost 1.3 billion last quarter. Granted, the internet is giving the USPS a run for its money but then how did Federal express invent the highly profitable overnight business as a startup competing against the formidable US postal service? Well, FEDEX, one of the world's largest businesses today, is run by private industry and the USPS is run by congress which is run by the like of senators Reid, Pelosi, and Issa. Case in point, when I want to send a package around the holidays, my first thought is to goto packmail or FEDEX because there I can send a package to whoever I want for a good price and NOT wait in line! The managers of USPS do not seem to respond very well to the annual onslaught of customers to post offices with increased manning of the ubiquitous . empty booths at the post office despite christmas' recurring nature and lines inevitable intractable queues. And what about another entity we can all agree should be taken care of by Uncle Sam, the military? Recently there has been a kerfluffle about a 29 year old "contractor" who revealed secret information that the government is actually surveilling millions of Americans without cause. Whatever your thoughts on the issue of government spying on citizens, the fact is that the military no longer can operate as a governmental agency at all. Private contractors to the tune of 5 million of them are needed to inject the innovation and expertise needed to operate our modern military. 1.5 million of those private citizens have "Top Secret" clearance as did this 29 year old spy/hero depending on your leaning. I've been told that if you want to keep a secret, don't tell it to your best friend, much less 1.5 million of your pals. Does FedEx need to hire guys from the post office to help them run the show? Doubtful. This reminds me of a Star Trek next gen episode where aliens too feeble to repair their own ship have to kidnap the Enterprises Engineer Geordi to fix there ship and "make it go". So, starting this October, seemingly timed to minimize Election Day backlash, the great United States long envied for having the best and most innovative health care system in the world, is going to place health care under the direction of the US Government. The IRS, another agency whose efficiency and fairness have been suspect in past decades, will be one of the primary executers of the Affordable Care Act. On the evening news last night there was a report about how kids should not get CAT scans because they may die from cancer induced by the radiation. This may be so, but watch over the next month or years as more and more medical interventions and diagnostic procedures are phased out by panels of bureaucrats seeking to make US healthcare more efficient. This biggest cost savings in the ACA is not only reduced payments to doctors, but reduced numbers of doctors. More and more health care decisions will be made at the level of PA's and nurses. Seeing an actual MD in an office visit will become the exception rather than the norm. Any savings made by this shift will more than likely go to subsidize mail service on the four days a week it still gets delivered, and only if it's a nice day. To your health, DrZ Sent from my iPad Sent from my iPad
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Sugar Takes Many Forms in Processed Foods

Posted by Peter Zvejnieks on Fri, May 31, 2013

Humanity's Love/Hate Relationship with Sugar (Part Deux)


Now we know that sugar effectively includes anything made with flour i.e. breads, pastas, most breakfast cereals, and potatoes, corn and rice; why is sugar the enemy? And why do we seem to like it so much? Think about that caveman in the paleolithic era. There has been a period of time when food was scarce. The early human is fighting for his life. He is hungry and so too are predators which may seek to feed on the Man. Survival is paramount. Confronted with the choice of some honey from a bee's hive or some tender leaves/lettuce and strips of a dead carcass, in this context, really the context in which our metabolism still functions to this day, which would be the better choice?

The better choice would clearly be the honey, quick energy, evade or fight off the other hungry predators. Though honey would kill us if we had no way to store it rapidly just like it would put a modern diabetic into ketoacidosis, coma, then death. Humans have the backup of insulin to bring that sugar back down to normal, only rarely did the caveman resort to this gram of insulin producing tissue sequestered in his pancreas. Back at the carcass if still safe, the insulin has made us very hungry so we might even gorge  off the carcass so as to really store some energy and fat for the next famine. An other kindred human,  one who ate the meat and fat first took so long to digest it and make energy, that he was overtaken by a leopard while still digesting and thus taken out of the gene pool. That's why kids really love sugar because for our ancient non video game playing ancestors, sugar's quick energy might make the difference between life and death on the plains of Africa.

Today, there are no famines. Most people have seldom really been hungry in America. Food is abundant. And as it happens the cheapest food that is easy to package and requires little or no preparation is mostly combinations of flour, sugar, a little salt, and sometimes fat. Look in the seven eleven. How about fast food? A Caveman would be delighted at the abundance, convenience and quick energy processed food provides. But like us, after a couple of years of an office job and pancakes for breakfast, not having been chased by a leopard ever, our noble ancestor would be obese, diabetic, and his teeth would be rotten.

"But Dr. Z, is sugar not the main energy source your body uses, especially your brain?" Yes, but the introduction of large amounts of simple sugar into our bodies with the associated production of insulin, every day, sometimes many times, is harmful to our bodies. When sugar concentration rises about 130mg/dl it starts to stick to our normal proteins, irreversibly "gumming them up". Over time this causes neuropathy, vascular disease, inflammation and eventually cancer. HgA1c is a test used to monitor diabetics, for example 7% means that much of your hemoglobin is sugar coated and therefore not doing its job of carrying oxygen as well.

Doesn't Fat Make You Fat?

The answer in normal circumstances is no.

Proteins are used to make many things in the body, like muscle, collagen, and bone. Excess protein is largely excreted as urea in urine. Fats, likewise are used to make brains, cell membranes, bone marrow, and sebum to keep your skin healthy. Unless calories are taken to extreme excess, a high fat diet seems benign (Look at the Inuits). On the other hand, sugar, is really used in predominantly two ways, it's either used right away to replenish muscles depleted of their sugar from exercise, or burned when the body is moving. Otherwise, sugar triggers insulin to store the sugar as fat. Then the excess insulin makes you hungry very soon, causing you to want more sugar. It's the extreme tendency of people to fall into this trap and the food companies know this all to well. Cookies, snack cakes, toaster pastries, candy, and ho ho's might have saved the life of a starving and frightened caveman, but it's what killing us.

So my friends, be mindful of what you eat and think to yourself not What Would a Caveman Do (WWCD), because for all intents and purposes, you are a cavemanand may even feel you need that cupcake to survive. Think instead What Did the Cavemen Eat (WDCE)?
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Organic or not Organic?

Posted by Peter Zvejnieks on Fri, May 24, 2013


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Obamacare not the Answer

Posted by Peter Zvejnieks on Tue, Apr 09, 2013


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Support People in Need with Healthy Food?

Posted by Peter Zvejnieks on Thu, Feb 07, 2013

Proposal to limit food stamps to the same items as WIC?

COLUMBIA, S.C. — Putting restrictions on what people can buy with by Text-Enhance" href="http://www.thestate.com/2013/02/06/2621322/dhec-chief-restrict-food-stamps.html">food stamps might be a way to cut down on South Carolina's growing obesity problem, the state's public health chief said Wednesday.

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