Find Out Who the Father Is

Legal and informational DNA testing collected by a trained professional. No hidden costs.

  • Legal DNA tests permanently admissible in court.  
  • No appointment necessary.
  • 99.99% Accurate
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  • Licensed MD available for consultation.

Infidelity Testing


  • Found an article of clothing or an object that you question?
  • We can tell you if ANY DNA is in a stain.
  • We can tell you if it's male, female, or both.
  • And we can compare it with your DNA


Immigration DNA

Stuff You Will Need:

  • Do you have a letter or document with a case number from homeland security or an embassy/consulate?
  • Is there an overseas DNA sample collection or are all parties in the US?
  • What type of relationship test are you seeking?
  • How many participants need to be collected and where is each one?
  • Do you have a court date or deadline for results?

Check cost of traceable international packages.

The next step is to fill out the Immigration DNA Information Form in its entirety. This form informs us of the exact location to send the notarized legally-binding results to and where to send the collection kits for all overseas collections. 

Next, we fax the completed Immigration Form to the lab. They can confirm your shipping costs and provide you tracking numbers for the shipment overseas.

Immigration cases are always legal DNA tests so the legal or Chain of Custody collection protocol is followed. 

Any Overseas collections must be handled by you or a family member. We will provide the shipping materials. 

Be advised the overseas process can take up to two months.