Drugs, Toxins, Poisons and Unknown Substances

Welcome to Any Lab Test Now!® - we are your #1 choice for drug testing.

At our certified Any Lab Test Now® stores we offer many drug tests Affordably, Conveniently and Anonymously. All drug screens are performed by trained collectors, with CLIA waved products or sent to a SAMHSA certified laboratory.

We perform a number of different drug tests using samples from urine, blood, nails or hair. We also can identify suspicious substances like pills or powder.

Avoid waiting in the typical, crowded unsanitary laboratory for your turn! Here at Any Lab Test Now®, we respectfully and courteously serve your needs in a timely fashion. 

All of our tests are 100% confidential. No doctor referrals needed. No unwanted questions. Just the tests you need when you need it.

At Any Lab Test Now® we are locally owned and can help you with all your drug screening needs:

  • Alcohol Effect Test Panel
  • Alcohol Abuse Test - Hair
  • Anabolic Steroid Panel
  • Blood Alcohol Level Test (Serum Ethanal)
  • Blood Drug Test - 9,7 & 5 Panel 
  • DOT Drug Testing (Department of Transportation)

  • Drug Tests (Urine) - Lab
  • ETG Ethyl Glucuronide (Alcohol)
  • Hair Drug Screen Tests

  • Heavy Metal Exposure Test
  • Synthetic Marijuana (Spice/K2) Test
  • Rapid Results Drug Test
  • Date Rape Panels

  • We also are capable of identifying unknown drugs, poisons, or toxins, from many different sources. Call for details: 803-936-0339


Select here for our list of toxicology and drug screening tests.

Come see us if:
  • You want a test before the test.
  • Need to do employee testing; pre-employment, random or DOT.
  • Have a child that needs to be screened.
  • Require a court ordered and/or case management.
  • Need a rapid test with a signed report.