Background checks and pre-employment screens


Background Checks

Along with a suite of drug and alcohol testing solutions, ANY LAB TEST NOW® is proud to offer employers the means to conduct more powerful and effective employment screening. In conjunction with our partner, Background Checks Systems, employers can now conduct a range of background checks to ensure they're making the best possible hiring decisions.

Why Conduct Background Checks?
There are a number of reasons why employers should consider conducting background checks on both prospective and current employees. Some of those reasons include:

Misrepresentation of Background/Qualifications
Employers need to ensure that a prospective employee has the right qualifications and background for the position for which they're applying. Hiring a candidate that doesn't have the right qualifications can be impactful in terms of cost and time, not to mention potentially damaging to the employer's business. Not only that, most employers would be unlikely to consider a candidate for a position if they knew they were untruthful on their application.

Need to find out the truth
Conducting a background check is a simple and inexpensive way to determine if a candidate or employee is being honest on their application. This essentially takes the guesswork out of a major part of the hiring process.

Avoidance of "Negligent Hiring" Claims
Negligent hiring is a relatively new type of lawsuit in which employers are sued for the actions of their employees. The basis of the lawsuit is that an employer should have more diligently screened the employee before they were hired. All employers should try to minimize the possibility of being sued for their hiring practices – particularly if their employees have regular contact with the company's customers or conduct their business at the customer's home.

Background Checking from ANY LAB TEST NOW®
Background checking from ANY LAB TEST NOW® allows you to conduct background checks using our secure, online background checking portal which features:

Online Results Retrieval

  • No more searching for lost or deleted emails.
  • No software required – access results from anywhere

Multiple Location Administration

  • Businesses can establish administrator level accounts and branch accounts for multiple locations
  • Up to 500 user accounts can be established for each master account

Automatic Billing

  • Searches are automatically billed to a credit card on file meaning there's no need to re-submit payment information for each request.

Types of Background Checks Available
The ANY LAB TEST NOW® background checking portal allows you to purchase a single check using a credit card, or establish a corporate account if you have a regular need to conduct checks. Furthermore, checks can be purchased on an a-la-carte basis, or you can purchase one of our packaged, background checks panels.

A number of background checks are available including:

  • Instant SSN Trace, alias and past address
  • Instant and next day Statewide criminal records database search
  • County criminal and civil court on-site search
  • Federal Statewide USDC criminal and civil search
  • Bankruptcy report (requires a SSN)
  • Instant driving records – DMV
  • Past employment and education verification
  • Professional license verification
  • Education verification
  • Credit report
  • Next day nationwide sex offender database search
  • Next day nationwide criminal database search
  • And many more..

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