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You need to be pre-screening and doing background checks on your employees. We can help, click here for more information on background screening.

What’s the best tool employers have for deterring drug and alcohol use in the workplace? Random Testing. And, here are just a few of the reasons why:
  ·Saves lives and prevents injuries.
  ·Helps employers identify workers with substance abuse issues and facilitate their treatment.
  ·Allows employees to easily say no to illegal drug use. “No, thanks. They drug test at work.”
  ·Reduces employer liability.
  ·It is a fair way of testing.

With no appointment necessary we can save you time and money.

Click here to find out Why Employee Drug Testing is so Important.

How about background checks? We provide the ability to screen your employees from the comfort of your office computer. We are competitively priced and offer a comprehensive service.

Would you like to offer your employees the ability to stay healthy thru wellness testing? We offer many wellness and health panels that can allow your employees to have personal control over their health. Check out our comprehensive Female or Male panels.

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